The Greek adventure…where do I begin?


It was like being suspended in a 5 day long, feta-induced #foodcoma. The literary reference has little to do with my obsession with all things food. Or my need to write elaborately and flamboyantly about anything and everything. The Santorini experience truly was a kaleidoscope of gastronomic delights. Am I committing blasphemy glorifying the Greek food before the iconic blue domed churches or the world-famous sunsets? If so, this one time I shall happily be a sinner! Because every meal I was lucky enough to savour over our honeyweek – starting from a basic olive-and-feta studded pizza to freshly grilled Mediterranean fish to a creamy-as-a-dream lamb shank to possibly the best seafood pasta in the whole wide world, to a cooked-to-perfection moussaka (think lasagne), to a homecooked stuffed pepper with rice, and ending with a street-side, chips stuffed ‘gyro’ (think wraps) – every morsel of every meal out there was flavoursome and wholesome. Before and after devouring my own food, I was creeping my fork into Mr Husband’s plate, many a times finishing off his meals for him! For someone who has been living in the UK for a good while now, used to small portions, bland tastes and (unless dining in wallet-lightening restaurants), largely at the mercy of my novice cooking and prepared Tesco meals, I am thoroughly impressed and satiated by the rich flavours and fillings of the Aegean sea.

Needless to say, I have been missing the smells and tastes of Greece since that last meal in the streets of Fira. And so last night I tried to create a Santorini-inspired dinner for us, and this is what it looked like! A very mishmash of an attempt, ingredients and methods handpicked from different recipes based largely on whatever seemed ‘right’. A far cry from the inspiration itself, and lazily chosen over the more complex moussakas and pastitsios, this seafood pasta was fun and easy to make. And the taste? The pan was left well scraped post dinner (though mostly by me!) so overall, it was one of the more exciting Sunday night experiences!

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